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Grandmother and Grandson

A better transportation solution.
Community Transport Service, LLC

We provide multiple transportation services and pledge a commitment to our mission in "Breaking Transportation Barriers" and supporting  those who have limitations due to Physical, Sensory, Vocational or Mental developmental restrictions.

We are serving the needs of our community, your patients, you and or your loved ones throughout 41 counties within Middle Tennessee. By offering professional, affordable, and caring services for all of your Non-Emergency Medical Transportation needs. Attendants are available for all transports upon request.

A better transportation solution for senior living communities, patients from medical facilities, you and or your loved ones from home. Enjoy a more independent life. We at CTS are committed to being the best at what we do. Whether you need ambulatory or wheelchair assistance, we arrive at your designated pick-up location in a clean, safe and a well maintained vehicle with a professionally trained driver.

CTS is accessible and easy to use for all healthcare workers, family members, nurses, and caregivers to schedule a ride with one of our drivers. We are available 7 days a week, year around, with flexible hours to meet your needs. Avoid costly ambulance fees and other expenses in traditional transportation.

We are in the business of creating long lasting relationships! Why do we really like this vehicle? Our wheelchair users ride in the front passenger positions, close to the driver, so we can get to know you better as well as be available to meet any special requirement you might need during transport. We get to know people and become friends over time.

The MV-1 vehicle was specially designed and manufactured for the purpose of transporting passengers with sensory, physical, mental development limitations or disabilities. So that our passengers receive the transport they deserve. CTS has purchased this one of a kind vehicle to provide a service to your patients, you or your loved ones like no other. We are committed to bettering our communities by “Breaking Transportation Barriers” which embraces the full idea of ambulatory or wheelchair accessibility.

Our vehicles are engineered specifically for ambulatory and non ambulatory passengers with barriers due to their mobility challenges as well as access to proper transport which can accommodate their transport needs regardless of their sensory, physical, or mental restrictions.

Our MV1 full-size luxury SUV’s meet or exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) vehicle guidelines so you know you, your loved one, patients, and children are always safe, secured and sound.


Features include a retractable in-floor ramp, extra-wide passenger doors, a floor-to-ceiling height of almost five feet and rear heating/AC that make the MV-1 unlike any other vehicle available on the market.


You will find it as easy to move around inside the van as it is to enter and exit with its maximum floor space. There is plenty of room for a caregiver or family member to come along. Our vehicles are also car seat and service pet friendly.

We also take pride in saying that the MV-1 is produced in the USA and proudly supports our Armed Forces. AM General, Mobility Venture’s parent company's purpose has always been as clear as its tradition, meeting the special transportation requirements of the U.S. Government.

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